"Son, you will be famous one day"

- My parents, Home

"Patryk Borowiec? I've never heard of him"

- Every game studio, World

Hey, hey!


I am very happy that you are reading this and I really hope that you will like it here. 

Who am I?

My name is Patryk Borowiec and I'm 26 yo. I'm the composer, guitar and piano player. This site is a sample of my skills as a music composer for games, movies or animations. I can quickly produce professional quality and memorable music, from dramatic cinematic scores to cutesy 8-bit theme.   I have experience with Unity, Unreal Engine 4. Games have been my passion since childhood.

If you are in need of original music for your project I’d be happy to hear from you. Let’s get in touch: borowiec.patryk20@gmail.com or +48 731 064 218